[zfs-discuss] Testing ZFS with Fedora 24 Beta

Tren Blackburn iam at theendoftime.net
Sat May 14 12:23:24 EDT 2016

On May 14, 2016 at 6:28:05 AM, Christopher X. Candreva via zfs-discuss (zfs-discuss at list.zfsonlinux.org(mailto:zfs-discuss at list.zfsonlinux.org)) wrote:

> I'm testing out Fedora 24 beat on a system I'm building and thought I would
> test zfs also, but I don't see a repo for it yet. Is there a way to test ZFS
> with Fedora 24 beta yet ?

If you’re comfortable with building the code from source, you can create your own RPMs. Or wait for new RPMs to be released.


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