[zfs-discuss] zfs large pool - many checksum errors, no read or write errors

Hajo Möller dasjoe at gmail.com
Sat May 14 15:23:27 EDT 2016


do you mean you stopped buying Supermicro or just from that specific
supplier? If the latter, could you tell me off-list which supplier you
used so I can avoid them?

I have not had any persisting issues with Supermicro's hardware,
everything I bought (and resold, for that matter) worked well.

Although, I had to RMA one blade mainboard, the G34 LGA had a few bent
pins. The supplier didn't handle the RMA themselves, they proxied it to
Supermicro (NL) so we got a fresh board directly from Supermicro.

Hajo Möller

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