[zfs-discuss] The latest from Backblaze: 2016 Hard Drive Review

Edward Ned Harvey (zfsonlinux) zfsonlinux at nedharvey.com
Fri May 20 17:40:00 EDT 2016

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> Of John Allen via zfs-discuss
> Have you looked at the survival charts provided in this analysis of the
> Backblaze data, linked from the latest Backblaze report:
> http://bioinformare.blogspot.com.au/2016/02/survival-analysis-of-hard-
> disk-drive.html
> It seems to me that the 3rd graphic in this article provides some survival
> curves by drive model,

Perfect! Thank you. It seems, from the original backblaze report, if you scroll all the way down (before the comment section) and click the last link, they have linked to this page. And indeed, the 3rd graphic is exactly the right information, in exactly the right format. (Although I have a difficult time distinguishing the colors of the lines.)

I would like to add that it's not fair to generalize the brand. Results vary from specific models of drive, and probably even batches within those models. In that graph, seagate had the 3 worst drives, but they also had two others that were very good. In the graph, HGST and Hitachi both had drives there were good, but I'm sure some other models are bad. My personal experience has been that every brand has individual models that are good and bad.

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