[zfs-discuss] userobjused always returns 0 ?

Sander Hoentjen sander at hoentjen.eu
Fri Dec 1 04:30:41 EST 2017

On 11/27/2017 11:43 AM, Sander Hoentjen via zfs-discuss wrote:
> Hi list,
> Today I tried the command:
> zfs get userobjused@<username> <filesystem>
> This returned 0, instead of the expected value. At least, I expected the
> value to be the same as returned from:
> zfs userspace <filesystem> -H -o name,objused | grep <username>
> Is my assumption wrong, is my setup wrong or do others see this as well?
> Kind regards,
> Sander
For anyone interested: This was indeed a bug and was fixed very fast:


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