[zfs-discuss] how to clear zpool history from useless messages?

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Am 04.12.2017 um 12:40 schrieb Durval Menezes via zfs-discuss:
> Hello Gena,
> On Mon, Dec 4, 2017 at 4:24 AM, Gena Makhomed via zfs-discuss
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>     Hello, All!
>     I use snapshot automation tool with zfs,
>     snaphots are created and destroyed every hour.
>     and zpool history grow unlimited in size:
>     # zpool history -l | wc -l
>     221674
>     # zpool history -il | wc -l
>     1659875
>     how to clear zpool history from useless messages
>     zfs snapshot / zfs destroy / zfs receive / zfs send ?
> As long as I know (and if someone else knows better, please send me a
> holler), you don't: zpool history is perennial, and it records (some)
> stuff even when you import the pool in read-only mode.
I question the design decision to write to the drives on a read-only
import, at minimum for linguistic reasons.

This is from a machine that pulls backups (zfs recv) from a remote
server once per day:
> $ zpool history <pool>  | wc
>  615285 3073484 45531054
> $ zpool history <pool> -i | wc
> 6593419 17112582 331657993

>From the timestamps (zpool create on first line is 2012-12-08, second
line is 2017-04-06) zpool history at least seems to discard entries in
case it grows beyond some limit.

Nevertheless, I'm _quite sure_ that I neither need the full ~600K
'normal' events (nor the additionaly logged ~6 million 'internal' ones)
that have been generated in the last 8 months.

Also I see a potential issues with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 as the
logged metadata might contain personal identifyable data (dataset names
when users are give the right to create child ones on their home
directory, just as one example) that can't be removed (as it has to)
when the user in question leaves the system / ends being a customer.

IMHO there should to be configuration options for what goes into the
history, how long it is retained, ways to manage the maximum size of the
history and a way to wipe it.
So I can decide on how hard my system should be NSA'd, are able to setup
one that complies with mandated data protection directives, can setup
one that dosn't track my usage if I want to and am able to simply decide
to save on disk space and I/O because I don't need the stuff.

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