[zfs-discuss] Removing log device from existing pool

marco at glavas.ch marco at glavas.ch
Fri Dec 8 06:28:14 EST 2017

Hi everybody

When I moved my pool from Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) to FreeBSD (NAS4Free), I 
had to leave the log partition behind (noticed it only after the fact of 

So the pool was in a degraded state. since NAS4free is a vm, I just 
added a thin provisioned disk and replaced the faulty one. So far so 

Only I'd like to give it another, smaller disk to use for logs. 
Therefore I'd like to know if it is at all possible to remove the log 
partition from the pool. It is mounted as da1 at the moment and I get 
"pool already exists" error when trying to remove it.

Anybody have a good idea on how to proceed?

Regards and thank you,


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