[zfs-discuss] zfs-discuss Digest, Vol 32, Issue 11

marco at glavas.ch marco at glavas.ch
Fri Dec 8 10:19:09 EST 2017

Thank you, I'll do that. To be frank, I posted this here on pure auto 
mode completely forgetting that this is ZoL and not ZFS :).

> Marco, perhaps you should consider contacting the FreeBSD/FreeNAS folks
> directly. I have had need to talk with them in the past (I also 
> sysadmin a
> few FreeNAS/FreeBSD boxes) and got excellent support on the #freenas 
> and
> #freebsd channels on irc://freenode.net
> Cheers,

So please, everyone, ignore me and concentrate on the people having this 
issue who are actually using Linux ZFS. Sorry about this.



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