[zfs-discuss] Bookmarks in ZFS?

UbuntuNewbie zfs-discuss at datakanja.de
Tue Dec 12 13:10:35 EST 2017

Hi Ali,

 i just want to let you know: I am interested in other peoples
experiences with bookmarks as well. Since many years, my backup script
(which is running bi-weekly) is relying on snapshoots. But i understand,
there are 2 types of snapshots:

The ones, the backup is relying upon (i call them anchor-snapshots)

and regular ones.

Currently, i am protecting the anchor-snapshots with the zfs hold
command. And after a successful backup, there always is an old one to
release and destroy. This should (?) be replaced with a bookmark, but -
as they say to never change a running system - i am still holding up
that change.

Just saying: me too (wanting to know).


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