[zfs-discuss] ZFS 0.7.4 not mounting on Ubuntu 16.04.3

Miguel Medalha medalist at sapo.pt
Sat Dec 16 17:40:56 EST 2017

> https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/releases/tag/zfs-0.7.4
> Important Notices
> The new systemd zfs-import.target file was added to the RPM packages but
> not automatically enabled at install time. This leads to an incorrect
> unit ordering on startup and missing mounted file systems. This issue
> can be resolved by running systemctl enable zfs-import.target after
> installing the packages. #6953

I met the same problem as the OP, the difference is that it happened on 
CentOS 6.9. No systemctl here. Any suggestions?

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