[zfs-discuss] Failed to Import Pool via Cache File

Dominic Robinson dominic at dcrdev.com
Mon Dec 18 09:17:54 EST 2017

So I’ve started seeing a message appear in the journal recently, saying
something along the lines of failed to import pool via cache file.

This error doesn’t actually appear to prevent the pool(s) importing on boot
though, it has been synonymous with a massively increased boot time.

I’ve tried the usual candidates:
- Deleting the cache file and rebuilding it with an export/import.
- Regenerating the initramfs

Haven’t managed to solve the issue.

Could anyone advise?

For reference - this is a CentOS 7.4 install on a zfs root, on top of a
dm-crypt container. I also have an additional storage pool, that is again
made up of disks using do-crypt containers.

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