[zfs-discuss] Failed to Import Pool via Cache File

Dominic Robinson dominic at dcrdev.com
Mon Dec 18 12:45:31 EST 2017

Oh ok that is starting to make some sense to me...

So I have this in my kernel parameters: rd.luks.uuid= - I'm assuming that
means that that disk is getting decrypted in the initramfs, whereas the
disks that make up my storage pool are not. This is confusing because I'm
only entering my decryption passphrase once for all disks, since it's the
same and all disks are referenced in /etc/crypttab.

So with that in mind, does that mean I'll have to follow this procedure
with every kernel and/or zfs upgrade?

On 18 December 2017 at 17:26, Gregor Kopka (@zfs-discuss) via zfs-discuss <
zfs-discuss at list.zfsonlinux.org> wrote:

> Most likely the zpool.cache in your initramfs contains pools that are only
> available after the system had come up fully (like being on additional
> crypted containers).
> Solution is to bring the system into a state that it only has the pool(s)
> that are available while booting it (so only these are accounted in
> /etc/zpool.cache), then update the initramfs with the /etc/zpool.cache from
> the running system.
> Gregor
> Am 18.12.2017 um 15:17 schrieb Dominic Robinson via zfs-discuss:
> So I’ve started seeing a message appear in the journal recently, saying
> something along the lines of failed to import pool via cache file.
> This error doesn’t actually appear to prevent the pool(s) importing on
> boot though, it has been synonymous with a massively increased boot time.
> I’ve tried the usual candidates:
> - Deleting the cache file and rebuilding it with an export/import.
> - Regenerating the initramfs
> Haven’t managed to solve the issue.
> Could anyone advise?
> For reference - this is a CentOS 7.4 install on a zfs root, on top of a
> dm-crypt container. I also have an additional storage pool, that is again
> made up of disks using do-crypt containers.
> Thanks,
> Dominic
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