[zfs-discuss] Slow read performance

Andreas Dilger adilger at dilger.ca
Sun Apr 1 16:20:25 EDT 2018

On Mar 31, 2018, at 11:23 PM, Alex Vodeyko <alex.vodeyko at gmail.com> wrote:
> To remind - all of the above came from zpool of six 8+2 raidz2 (60 drives total)
> For comparison I've created one zpool with single 8+2 raidz2 (10
> drives) and rerun tests on it, so:

Have you tried a different geometry, like 5x 10+2 RAID-Z2 VDEVs?  At one time there was a bug in the block allocation code that made 8+2 not work as well as 9+2 or 7+2.  That _should_ have been fixed in the 0.7.x version you are running, but there might still be some problems.

Cheers, Andreas

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