[zfs-discuss] Flash to IT mode after build

Mikko Tanner mikko.tanner at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 16:45:54 EDT 2018


IR mode should be fine. The cards will pass through any disk not 
assigned to a volume automatically, so you usually can use IR firmware 
cards just like IT cards. IR firmware gives you the additional benefit 
of using f.ex. a RAID1 device for boot for those configurations when you 
don't want to boot from ZFS.


On 03.04.2018 16:30, dag dg wrote:
> I have a ZFS storage pool already built, but it was done before I
> fully understood some of the finer details of HBAs and related RAID
> cards including the difference between IR mode firmware and IT mode
> firmware. I have 2 x LSI 9311-8i HBAs that are up and running my
> current ZFS pool that I believe came flashed with IR mode firmware.
> The disks are all set to JBOD I believe and appear to be getting
> passed through to the OS though I can't be sure.
> My concern at this point is whether I should flash the firmware over
> to IT mode or if that will cause more trouble that it's worth. In my
> performance tests so far my current state seems solid and stable but
> the fact that in my research I missed this kind of detail has me a bit
> uncertain of the long term outcome.
> Any insight would be appreciated.
> Dag

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