[zfs-discuss] Unlistable files

Sander Klein roedie at roedie.nl
Fri Apr 6 02:54:06 EDT 2018

On 2018-04-06 08:16, Gionatan Danti via zfs-discuss wrote:
> Il 06-04-2018 06:42 Richard Elling via zfs-discuss ha scritto:
>> this can occur if you don’t have read permission on the directory
>> ls -ld dst/a
>>   -- richard
> This seems not the case: he can do "cp dst/a/foo bar" and correctly
> list "bar", so read permission should be granted.

How about just doing the 'ls -ld dst/a' so we can have a look. If you do 
not have read permissions on the dir you can still read/modify/whatever 
the file if you know it's name...

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