[zfs-discuss] ZFS package on Raspbian 9

ray vantassle rayvantassle at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 17:58:18 EDT 2018

On Mon, Apr 9, 2018 at 1:49 PM, mabi <mabi at protonmail.ch> wrote:

> Well done! I have continued trying things out yesterday but somehow I
> messed up as I removed some packages, especially the linux kernel packages
> and had to reboot at some stage but my Pi never came back up and it's in a
> remote location :( so I just abandoned for now.
> So if I understand correctly based on your step by step process you
> managed to install the SPL/ZFS packages from the backports of strech which
> installs the newer version of ZFS 0.7.6. Why did you have to use the
> stretch-backports? does the packages in stretch not work correctly? That
> would be then ZFS version
> *A: There's a bug in the configuration file of spl version, so it
won't configure and therefore won't build on kernel 4.14.32-v7+. So the
make fails.  Somewhere about checking "vfs_getattr".  Probably would work
if you fixed the configure file.*

> A year ago I compiled directly from git on Raspbian 8 and could
> use it as a test system without and big issues on two external USB SSD
> disks (mirror). You don't go over ~25 MB/s transfer rate but for my testing
> it's enough. Also a few ZFS module parameters need to be tuned but I can
> say that it runs stable enough for me. And now with the newer Pi model with
> better CPU and the newer ZFS version 0.7.6 I think I might not even need
> any tuning at all.
> My choices were hacking the configuration file for so dkms would
build it, trying to backport the pertinent parts of a later version's
configuration file, or jumping entirely to a much more recent version of
zfs.  Hacking up anold version seemed silly, especially since the standard
answer to people complaining about the version was "Move up to a
later version."  It was apparently fixed around 0.7.1.x, but that's still
obsolete.  If you  (read: me) are doing to muck about, might as well muck
with installing the latest "official" Debian version.  Therefore:
Actually, the only reason I did this in the first place was to have an
excuse to avoid working on our taxes.  ;-)
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