[zfs-discuss] Exec format error on arm, unsupported interworking call (Thumb -> ARM)

Durval Menezes durval.menezes at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 05:48:26 EDT 2018

Hi Goswin,

So, you are one of the lucky souls that managed to snatch a preorder
Helios4! Congratulations, I do envy you! :-) And as it's a reasonably
priced, low-power, appliance-like, ECC-equipped ARM system, I'm *very*
interested in how well this turns out and whether ZoL in the end works well
on it.

Anyway, I have *no* experience with it nor with the Marvell Armada 288 chip
on which it's reportedly based, but I do have long and painful experience
that the C runtime support for longjmp() can be a b*tch. The root cause of
your issue could be anywhere in either the C compiler, and/or the kernel
runtime support for longjmp() and/or even some weird bug/oddness in the
Marvell CPU; if your main interest is to get your Helios4 working with ZFS
ASAP, the direct approach (ie, finding and solving the root cause of the
problem) is perhaps not the best approach.

Therefore, my first advice would be to try and work around the problem. In
that particular, I was not familiar with the zlua module, but I just
checked and I can see it is present in the latest zfs-master (and certainly
in your version too) but not in zfs-0.7.8. I checked its sources (as in
zfs-master/module/lua/README.zfs) and it seems its a LUA interpreter built
into ZFS?! Digging a little further, it seems it's only needed to support
the new ZFS Channels feature. I do not think, at least in first-time basis,
that you really need it to be happy with your Helios4.

Therefore, my suggestion would be for you to try with a previous ZoL
version, for example 0.7.8, instead of the sparkling (or spanking? ;-)) new

Good luck, and please keep us posted.


On Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 5:20 AM, Goswin von Brederlow via zfs-discuss <
zfs-discuss at list.zfsonlinux.org> wrote:

> I opened an issue [1] because building zfs according to the wiki guide
> fails to load the zlua module. But aparently that is a "configuration
> issue" and not a bug and I was directed here.
> So let me just repeat what I wrote in the bugreport and hopefully someone
> can tell me what I should have configured differently from simply running
> "./configure" and "make deb" as the wiki says.
> ### System information
> <!--  add version after "|" character -->
> Type                                | Version/Name
>   ---                                  |     ---
> Distribution Name       |  Debian
> Distribution Version    |  9
> Linux Kernel                 |  4.14.18-mvebu
> Architecture                 | arm, armv7l, Helios4
> ZFS Version                  |  0.7.0-411_g6c9af9e8f
> SPL Version                  |  0.7.0-32_g581bc01
> ### Describe the problem you're observing
> Loading zfs module fail:
> modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'zfs': Exec format error
> ### Describe how to reproduce the problem
> Checkout git and build deb packages for the running kernel as described on
> the wiki. Running modprobe zfs then gives the error.
> ### Include any warning/errors/backtraces from the system logs
> dmesg shows:
> ```
> [11390.901971] zlua: section 3 reloc 43 sym 'longjmp': unsupported
> interworking call (Thumb -> ARM)
> ```
> Note that zlua isn't the first module that gets loaded for zfs. spl and
> zcommon load fine. So I'm fairly certain it's not configured for the totaly
> wrong architecture. It's something specific to the zlua module that breaks.
> [1] https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/issues/7408
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