[zfs-discuss] Stable ZFS releases

Ted Cabeen ted.cabeen at lscg.ucsb.edu
Tue Apr 10 14:52:14 EDT 2018

Ubuntu is planning on releasing a 0.7.x module with 18.04 and the 
18.04-based HWE kernel for 16.04 later this month.  They had intended to 
be quicker with ZFS updates on HWE kernels, but it didn't happen for 
various workload reasons.



On 04/10/2018 11:40 AM, Gionatan Danti via zfs-discuss wrote:
> Hi all,
> this recent regression [1] make me wonder what ZoL relase to use for 
> maximum stability and data safety.
> I generally do some in-lab testing of the packaged RHEL/CentOS version 
> and, if all *seems* to work fine, I push it on production machines. The 
> key word here is "seems": some bug require extensive testing, and it is 
> entirely possible that for them to pass my lab testing.
> I noticed that Ubuntu and Debian provide the latest 0.6.x release in 
> their repositories.
> What ZoL relase are you running on production machine? Should I restrict 
> myself to 0.6.x releases?
> Thanks.
> [1] https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/issues/7401

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