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On Thu, Apr 12, 2018 at 8:31 PM, Alex Chekholko <alex at calicolabs.com> wrote:

> "Can you illustrate a specific case where ZFS on RAID5 will yield better
> performance than RAIDZ of same geometry, that is NOT dependent on ensuring
> good alignment as per what I described?"
> Yeah, in the case where you are provided LUNs you don't control and can't
> run your own disks :)  I've run ZFS on systems where the storage was
> provisioned off some enterprise SAN and buying whiteboxes was not an option.

Except that isn't an answer to the specific question that I asked.

> Even if the OP controls their FC array, it may not have an option to
> present each disk separately. And buying new hardware may not be an option.

The OP was asking for pros and cons, which implies that he has a choice.

I don’t think so : "I have a fibre-channel disk array configured as RAID-5
which I am considering installing zfs”.

The thread diverge a bit from “pros and cons of ZFS over a RAID-5 array” to
“pros and cons of RAIDZ vs RAID-5”. My point of view regarding the OP is
more “pros ans cons of ZFS vs other FS on RAID-5”:

- cons: ZFS could be less performant and more difficult to tune than
traditional FS (non COW)
- pros: you benefit of all the good things of ZFS: checksum, snapshots,
clones, dataset isolation, quota, send/recv ect

I personally don’t see any show stoppers of choosing ZFS over a RAID array,
just don’t do any kind of RAIDZ or mirrors, only stripped vdevs.



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