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Google for "ata secure erase".

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> Hi,
> friends, i search in about how use slog in long term without decrease
> performance, I find :
> "
> To ensure maximum ZIL performance on NAND flash SSD-based SLOG devices,
> you should also overprovison spare area to increase IOPS[3]. You can do
> this with a mix of a secure erase and a partition table trick, such as the
> following:
>     Run a secure erase on the NAND-flash SSD.
>     Create a partition table on the NAND-flash SSD.
>     Create a 4GB partition.
>     Give the partition to ZFS to use as a log device.
> If using the secure erase and partition table trick, do not use the
> unpartitioned space for other things, even temporarily. That will reduce or
> eliminate the overprovisioning by marking pages as dirty.
> "
> can you help me for "Run a secure erase on the NAND-flash SSD."?
> very thanks
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