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Hi Ali, 

I used this article to do that very same setup. 


It worked great! 

Good Luck, 

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Google for "ata secure erase". 

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friends, i search in about how use slog in long term without decrease performance, I find : 
To ensure maximum ZIL performance on NAND flash SSD-based SLOG devices, you should also overprovison spare area to increase IOPS[3]. You can do this with a mix of a secure erase and a partition table trick, such as the following: 

Run a secure erase on the NAND-flash SSD. 
Create a partition table on the NAND-flash SSD. 
Create a 4GB partition. 
Give the partition to ZFS to use as a log device. 

If using the secure erase and partition table trick, do not use the unpartitioned space for other things, even temporarily. That will reduce or eliminate the overprovisioning by marking pages as dirty. 

can you help me for "Run a secure erase on the NAND-flash SSD."? 

very thanks 

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