[zfs-discuss] One RAID0 disks for ZFS

Makrand makrandsanap at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 03:01:16 EDT 2018


I am setting up zfs on centos on pretty old server HP Proliant DL580. This
server has two P400 Raid Controllers each having 8 SAS disks behind them.

These raid controller can't be set in passthrough mode from BIOS. Hence I
can't present SAS disks to ZFS as is (as JBOD). I can create raid0 logical
drive with one disk each and zfs can detect each disk as is then.

Will it work if I create 8 raid0 drives and then feed them to zfs for
mirror creation etc? I am just wondering if that will affect ZFS capability
to detect faulty drives down the line. Any other cons/negatives this method
might have?

I am new to zfsonlinux and just wanted to check before I do it.

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