[zfs-discuss] zfs clone resets user defined properties ?

Gregor Kopka (@zfs-discuss) zfs-discuss at kopka.net
Wed Apr 18 03:32:35 EDT 2018

Am 18.04.2018 um 08:27 schrieb Quentin Le Burel via zfs-discuss:
> Indeed the user defined property is also lost when I explicitely set
> it on the snapshot:
Yes, I tested that prior to my post.
> Is it not reasonable to expect that the properties from the original
> are transfered to the clone ?
> Otherwise the filesystem is not identical at the time of cloning and
> therefore not a clone.
The contents of the datasets are identical after the clone, but the
datasets themselves are not.

You might have noticed
>  -o property=value
>                Sets the specified property; see zfs set for details.
in /man zfs/: zfs clone. This can be used to equip the clone with the
properties you like from the start, the /data/ referenced by the clone
will still be identical to the origin though (even when changing stuff
like compression as these dataset properties are applied when writing
new data, which the cloning process in itself dosn't - user defined
properties are a noop from the zfs perspective).

I myself see it as reasonable to explicitely specify the properties for
the clone, else we might run into trouble stemming from magic (stuff
like the share* properties for example taking unwanted action).

Possibly it could be an idea to point this (that only the contents of
the dataset are cloned, not the properties) out in the man, in case you
see that as needed feel free to open an issue in the bug tracker.

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