[zfs-discuss] One RAID0 disks for ZFS

Reinis Rozitis r at roze.lv
Wed Apr 18 04:18:50 EDT 2018

> Will it work if I create 8 raid0 drives and then feed them to zfs for mirror creation etc? I am just wondering if that will affect ZFS capability to detect faulty drives down the line. Any other cons/negatives this method might have?

It will work. 
ZFS in general doesn't care/complain as far you can read or write to the block/device (and  if there is a failure the device returns error in timely fashion).

Have done it also with old HP MSA Storages which even had limits (something like 48) of how many logical drives you can create (so ended up gluing several drives/striped  into multiple raid0's and making raidz on top).

The negative effect is that there is an external layer between - the HP Smartarray and some older firmwares have had "freezing" issues then ZFS becomes helpless to recover on the fly .. 

Afaik the latest available update is this ( https://support.hpe.com/hpsc/swd/public/detail?sp4ts.oid=1156881&swItemId=MTX_7e4ae58f0d9c42f6a3d47b587c&swEnvOid=4184#tab3 ) and/or run the last available Proliant SPP update for your system.

> Con is that you'll possibly have to reboot the system in case of a drive failure as of the need to make a trip through the controller BIOS to replace the drive (creating a new raid0 with the new drive to make the new physical disk visible to the OS) - you should test that scenario so you'll know upfront. 

This is usually not an issue as with hpacucli or hpssacli you can (re)create everything online via cli without reboots. It's just extra work as you can't do everything just with zfs tools.


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