[zfs-discuss] One RAID0 disks for ZFS

Sam Van den Eynde svde.tech at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 05:20:20 EDT 2018


if you delete all arrays on the P400 (so leave all disks unconfigured) and
boot the system, it should passthrough the drives "automagically". Did you
try that?

Kind regards

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> Hello,
> I am setting up zfs on centos on pretty old server HP Proliant DL580. This
> server has two P400 Raid Controllers each having 8 SAS disks behind them.
> These raid controller can't be set in passthrough mode from BIOS. Hence I
> can't present SAS disks to ZFS as is (as JBOD). I can create raid0 logical
> drive with one disk each and zfs can detect each disk as is then.
> Will it work if I create 8 raid0 drives and then feed them to zfs for
> mirror creation etc? I am just wondering if that will affect ZFS capability
> to detect faulty drives down the line. Any other cons/negatives this method
> might have?
> I am new to zfsonlinux and just wanted to check before I do it.
> --
> Makrand
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