[zfs-discuss] SLOG, RAM and zfs_dirty_data_max

Edward Ned Harvey (zfsonlinux) zfsonlinux at nedharvey.com
Thu Apr 19 07:00:51 EDT 2018

> From: BeetRoot ServAdm <beetrootservadm at gmail.com>
> And just two small relevant questions: Is there a way to tell how much data is
> now in the (dirty) buffer? Is this number the same with column 'dirty' at
> atop's MEM stats?

The buffer gets flushed at least once every 5 seconds, so unless you want to micromanage, you shouldn't think about it.

I guess, if you're curious, working on academics, something of that nature, you might want to extract micro-level details like that, in which case, you'll need an answer from one of the developers, and your best way to do that will be to write a very specific question, that likely only the developers would know, and would be specific enough to attract their attention.

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