[zfs-discuss] cannot import 'home': I/O error Destroy and re-create the pool from a backup source

Anton Gubar'kov anton.gubarkov at iits.ru
Mon Apr 23 07:10:04 EDT 2018

Dear friends

May I ask you to start  a separate discussion on zfs recv -f usage?

I've upgraded to kernel 4.16.3 and ZFS v0.7.8-r0-gentoo and tried import
-FX. The result was
cannot import 'home': one or more devices is currently unavailable

zpool import -N immediately following the above message:
home64 /usr/src/linux # zpool import -N
   pool: home
     id: 4810743847386909334
  state: ONLINE
 status: Some supported features are not enabled on the pool.
 action: The pool can be imported using its name or numeric identifier,
some features will not be available without an explicit 'zpool upgrade'.

home                            ONLINE
  raidz2-0                      ONLINE
    wwn-0x5000c500a41a0a00      ONLINE
    wwn-0x5000c500a41ae340      ONLINE
    wwn-0x5000c500a41b4c57      ONLINE
    wwn-0x5000c500a41b7572      ONLINE
    wwn-0x5000c500a41ba99c      ONLINE
    wwn-0x5000c500a41babe8      ONLINE
  wwn-0x30000d1700d9d40f-part2  ONLINE

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