[zfs-discuss] cannot import 'home': I/O error Destroy and re-create the pool from a backup source

Anton Gubar'kov anton.gubarkov at iits.ru
Thu Apr 26 11:12:46 EDT 2018

Chris, thank you very much for the hint! After a couple of panics, I could
find the intact txg and import the pool rewinding it to one of the
snapshots' txg. I'm copying the contents now. I understand that I may not
be able to copy everything, but this is better than loosing everything.

On Thu, Apr 26, 2018 at 4:03 PM Chris Siebenmann via zfs-discuss <
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> > Can I skip a complete scan in a hope to salvage some data? Maybe the
> > data I need are not spoiled by this metadata error and are still
> > accessible read-only? The txg 1492684 is acceptable level of data loss
> > for me (from timeline perspective).
>  This is theoretically possible, although the result may not work and
> may panic your machine if the problem is severe enough. There are ZFS
> module parameters that control this behavior; based on looking at the
> zfs-module-parameters manpage, you probably want to set both
> spa_load_verify_metadata and spa_load_verify_data to 0. You can do
> this after the module has loaded (but before you start the import)
> by just doing:
>         echo 0 >/sys/module/zfs/parameters/spa_load_verify_metadata
>         echo 0 >/sys/module/zfs/parameters/spa_load_verify_data
> It's possible that zdb can also tell you sufficient information to
> determine which piece of metadata is corrupt, so you know what to not
> look at once the pool is imported. I don't know enough about zdb to
> give any suggestions on how to do this.
>         - cks
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