[zfs-discuss] Instructions for refreshing EFI boot entries running Ubuntu 16.04 with zfs root

Nick Crabtree nickcrabtree at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 16:03:41 EDT 2018

I’ve just run apt-get autoremove on my Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server which has had the effect of updating my Grub boot entries.

I’m running a zfs root with a three-way mirror, with three identical FAT boot partitions on each disk as per the instructions which used to be on the zfsonlinux website. I was looking for a reminder of how to refresh the Grub / EFI boot entries on the other two of my three-way mirror boot partitions which aren’t visible to the running operating system (using dd if I recall correctly). I’m sure they were on the zfsonlinux website when I last looked (probably last year) but all I can see now are instructions for 18.04 and they don’t seem to discuss an EFI boot of a mirrored root …

Are the old web pages archived under git somewhere so I can get access to them?



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