[zfs-discuss] Hardware supported?

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Mon Dec 3 13:02:59 EST 2018

Hi Scott,

thanks for including me as a recipient, as i still cannot see any other
reply. (waiting for Web-access - probably tomorrow)

On my old comp, i am only booting from an SSD outside the pool.
For the new machine, i am considering to add an SSD NvME with identical
Thus booting from any spinning rust shall be for rescue purpose only. I
am not using zfs as root.

Short answer would be "no"

Am 03.12.2018 um 18:35 schrieb Scott Guthrie:
> Not addressing the ASUS reliablity point Alex made, but it *seems*
> like it should support 12 SATA drives just fine.
> Are you going to boot from the M.2 slot? 
> Scott

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