[zfs-discuss] Add note about dnodesize=auto to Root-on-ZFS guides [URGENT]

Hank Barta hbarta at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 11:11:48 EST 2018

I have continued to work with this and have run into the following two
The command to export rpool does not succeed because /mnt/boot is still
mounted. Executing `umount /mnt/boot` before  the export seems to fix that.
Please advise if that is not the correct solution.
On the reboot the bpool is not imported. I'm not sure what is needed to fix
this (but remain available to test any suggestions.)
I have copied the instructions to a pseudo-script because I found it
troublesome to copy/paste from the instructions. (I made too many
mistakes!) These can be seen at


Beautiful Sunny Winfield, Illinois
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