[zfs-discuss] Whole-disk ZFS and grub booting

Becker Béla bela at becker.rocks
Fri Feb 2 09:09:34 EST 2018

Please clarify, are you running jessie, or stretch?
It really shouldn't matter what drive you install GRUB onto, as long as you select the up-to-date one in your BIOS/EFI.

On 2018. február 2., péntek 14:39:05 CET Richard Allen via zfs-discuss wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> A few years back now, I followed the Jessie version of the excellent guide
> here:
> https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/wiki/Debian-Stretch-Root-on-ZFS
> This was before the current advice to partition the disks, so I had
> installed the beta version of grub that was recommended and went through
> various invocations of grub-install until I eventually got the machine
> booting off a whole-disk pool.
> All was well and good, until I recently upgraded the pool with 0.7 of ZFS.
> No booting :(
> Trying to install grub again using the previous brute force method just
> didn't work, and not wanting to rebuild the entire machine I just stuck a
> USB stick in it with grub on there.
> My questions are - are we any closer to getting whole-disk booting with
> grub on the same disks? What are the main issues that cause it not to work?
> Does it just need more involvement from the grub devs?
> Cheers,
> Richard

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