[zfs-discuss] CPU for ZFS compression

Bradley Merchant bmerchant at raidinc.com
Fri Feb 2 14:23:56 EST 2018

I guess I am not familiar with the API or how ZFS integration was designed, but my comments are based on the comment linked below. I do know that I tried to eval C62x performance but ZFS would fail autoconf because the QAT1.7 driver doesn't (yet) provide the qat_api.ko module.


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On Feb 2, 2018, at 7:35 AM, Bradley Merchant <bmerchant at raidinc.com> wrote:
> I suppose it should also be noted that if you are looking to deploy this soon, the C62x chipset QAT is not currently supported. Driver developers for the QAT product have not yet released the needed kernel API.

I'm not really in the loop about specific chipset support, but it should be
noted that because of potential GPL licensing issues ZFS does not use the
kernel QAT drivers, but rather links directly to the QAT library (BSD) at build
time.  That _may_ mean that C62x QAT works with ZFS even if it isn't supported
by the kernel yet.  Of course, if the QAT library itself doesn't support C62x
yet, then that won't help, but may be of interest to some people.

Cheers, Andreas

> ________________________________________
> It is worthwhile to mention that if gzip data compression is important to you,
> you can get an Intel "Quick Assist Technology" (QAT) PCI hardware accelerator
> for deflate de/compression and SSL network:
> https://01.org/intel-quickassist-technology
> https://www.cdw.com/shop/products/Intel-QuickAssist-Adapter-8950-cryptographic-accelerator/3767048.aspx
> https://store.netgate.com/ADI/QuickAssist8955.aspx
> The ZFS QAT support was included in the ZoL 0.7.0 release, but does not yet
> accelerate the ZFS crypto feature in 0.8 (though there is AES hardware support
> in Xeon CPUs).
> There is also optionally a faster QAT adapter in the C625-C628 chipsets:
> https://www.anandtech.com/show/11544/intel-skylake-ep-vs-amd-epyc-7000-cpu-battle-of-the-decade/9
> Cheers, Andreas
> (full disclosure, I work for Intel and worked with the QAT developers to add
> support for QAT to ZFS)

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