[zfs-discuss] Are /dev objects required for clean shutdown?

Pascal Pascal at rkfd.com
Tue Feb 6 11:05:24 EST 2018

/dev on my CentOS 7 box took a 'rm -rf' yesterday, wiping out most of 
it, including /dev/zfs, /dev/zvol, /dev/zd0, and all the devices my 
RAIDZ3 resides on.  Easiest way to recover is to reboot (/dev is on a 
ramdrive and created from scratch during boot), but I'm worried about 
not getting a clean shutdown.  Does zfs need anything in /dev to 
shutdown cleanly?  If so, how do I recreate the devices?

zpool and zfs both give me:
The /dev/zfs device is missing and must be created.
Try running 'udevadm trigger' as root to create it.

but that command doesn't seem to do anything.  I also found 
documentation saying to try "udevadm control --reload-rules" first, but 
again nothing.


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