[zfs-discuss] ZFS update best practices

Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Thu Feb 8 03:37:51 EST 2018

Hi all,
the recent ZFS 0.7.6 release pushes me to ask: what are the established 
ZFS update best practice?

I mean, is it considered safe to update a running, production system to 
the lastes ZFS relase as soon as precompiled packages are available (RPM 
in my case, as I run CentOS)? Or should I wait some more time? What 
about kmod (which I prefer) vs DKMS?

Full disclaimer: I usually runs some brief (one/two days) stress tests 
on a testing machines before putting new ZFS releases into production, 
but real world bugs rarely happen/come out in such a short testing time. 
I am a bit paranoic about data loss and/or filesystem corruption, hence 
my question above.


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