[zfs-discuss] ZFS update best practices

Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Thu Feb 15 06:23:07 EST 2018

On 14/02/2018 21:00, Iulian wrote:
>    Hi Gionatan,
> Only some thoughts...  nothing more.
> - I split from my point of view my servers in 2 categories: important 
> and others.
> - when a new update is released,  I testes on test pc for several days
> - then if this previous test was Ok, then I start to update the others 
> servers(amd and Intel) for another 3 days
> - If the previous was Ok, then I start to update only 50% of my 
> important servers, so at any time I will have 2 different zfs versions 
> at the same time - of course I start to update the oldest version
>    I do not know if it is ok or not, but for last 5 years is was Ok for 
> me.  I use only dkms / centos. Because I am very lucky, I never lose any 
> zfs pool, but I have backup for any zfs server(rsync and for very 
> important data  I use rsync and zfs send-receive on 2 different remote 
> zfs servers, because I am afraid....)
> Good luck!

Hi Iulian, thanks for your input!

Yes, I'm using a similar strategy for my updates. However, it remain 
firmly in "limited testing" territory.

Does anyone know how much internal testing is put on canditate releases?


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