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Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Thu Feb 15 16:42:05 EST 2018

Il 15-02-2018 18:36 Chris Siebenmann ha scritto:
>> Does anyone know how much internal testing is put on canditate
>> releases?
>  For a while, ZFS on Linux has had a relatively extensive test suite
> (and new features almost invariably come with new tests). You can see
> this in the source repository here:
> 	https://github.com/zfsonlinux/zfs/tree/master/tests
> As far as I know, this test suite is run against essentially all
> changes to ZoL (and changes are only accepted if all the tests
> still pass). These tests should insure that we're covered against
> anything obviously broken, although I don't know how much they can
> test against subtle and infrequent bugs like race conditions.
> (Fixes for race conditions have to be made every so often. But
> some of these are actually upstream bugs that eventually get
> exposed and found by someone; for example, today a fix for this
> one went into ZoL: https://www.illumos.org/issues/8857 )
>  I don't know if the process of deciding on release candidates has
> additional formal tests involved, although it may well. Also I don't
> know if there are performance regression tests run before release;
> as far as I know the test suite is just there to look for bugs and
> things working correctly.
>  A number of people run development versions of ZFS on various systems
> (I do on my office workstation, for example). These people serve as
> some additional checking over and above the automated test suite. I
> don't know if anyone does canary deploys of release candidates into
> near-production environments, though.
>  The thing that probably gets the least testing in general is ZoL's
> hooks into the init system to do things like bring up pools on reboot.
> There are a lot of different environments for this, all somewhat subtly
> different (System V init, systemd on Ubuntu, systemd on RHEL/CentOS,
> etc), and various different scenarios (install from scratch, upgrade
> from a recent version, upgrade from an old version), all of which
> makes comprehensive testing hard. I know that there have been problems
> with this in the past, and I think some of them have even made it into
> released versions.
> (Since I run versions from the development tree in a hacked up
> environment on Fedora, I'm not sure what has made it into releases and
> what happens in more standard and normal environments.)
> 	- cks

Execellent informations, thanks you Chris.

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