[zfs-discuss] ZFS update best practices

Gionatan Danti g.danti at assyoma.it
Thu Feb 15 16:43:48 EST 2018

Il 15-02-2018 20:48 David C. Miller ha scritto:
> I have 9 different storage systems that run ZFS on Linux. They are all
> run the latest version of CentOS 7.x. They are all using the kmod
> version. I have one test system that has more than one pool with
> different vdev setups for each. I use this system to test the latest
> release before deploying to my production systems. It is not that
> extensive.

Ok, so it is more or less what I am doing...

> When CentOS gets a minor update like 7.3 > 7.4. There is always a
> couple of hoops to jump through like uninstall zfs/repo, reboot, add
> the new repo and switch to kmod, install zfs, set systemd presets so
> the services load at boot and reboot. Other then that I have had no
> issues and I have been using ZFS on Linux like this since CentOS 7.1
> and the 0.6.x version.

Very true. Thanks for reporting, David.

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