[zfs-discuss] ZFS 'split & updated' mirror: How to determine/control the 'source' vdev for the resilver when 'rejoining'?

Richard Elling richard.elling at richardelling.com
Wed Feb 21 10:22:43 EST 2018

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>> This implies that splitting a pool, importing both sides, and then attempting
>> to rejoin it later is a potentially very dangerous operation.
> Ahh, I had a different interpretation of the original post. I agree with you - if both sides of the pool were offline'd and exported, and imported on different systems, that sounds like a dangerous thing to do.

without knowing the exact commands used, it is difficult to know why the process failed.

  -- richard

> For a situation like that, I think you're probably smarter to use a removable backup pool, and backup with "zfs send | zfs receive" onto the removable pool, instead of doing the business with breaking a mirror.
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