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Bzzzz lazyvirus at gmx.com
Wed Nov 7 16:54:52 EST 2018

On Wed, 07 Nov 2018 22:03:49 +0100
Gionatan Danti <g.danti at assyoma.it> wrote:

> Interesting... and condivisible. [my italian is as rusty as my german]

> Surely if the manufacturers lie (and 
> often they do!) we have a problem.
> Anyway, give a look here: 
> https://www.backblaze.com/blog/smart-22-is-a-gas-gas-gas/

Hum, one part of the 2nd sentence is pulling attention:
"allows the drives to run cooler and quieter"
cooler, yes, as He has a very low resistance to temperature,
but quieter, I doubt (which pose a question: what is the real
relationship between backblaze and WD ? Well, to be more precise,
another one too: do you really think such a big customer couldn't
get an extra few percent off praising he's supplier's product ?)

My contention is to wait a bit more until He HDz other large consumers
check or not what backblaze says.

Something makes me uncomfortable in the commercial brochure, though:
P.3, §2: "Prior to shipping helium-filled drives, we performed long-
term reliability testing, with 5,000 drives each running more than 1,000
hours (over 5 million combined hours), showing no seal degradation on
any of the drives."

It is not said, but suggested, in the right line of neuro-science
studies (mostly paid by the marketing industry to try to learn how to
fool people an easier way) - the incriminated part is the one about
the "5M combined hours".

Just as if I told you to buy my new car because I made tests using
20,000 of them, making 1000 km each… 
(20,000,000 combined kilometers ;-p)

What is also concerning is the SMART indicator set into the pre-fail
type, meaning when your He HD rings the bell, you're doomed because the
drive aerodynamics was calculated for Helium fluid, not air.

May be vacuum instead of Helium would have been a better idea
(disclaimer: I'm not a fluids mechanic specialist.)

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