[zfs-discuss] ZFS eating up all 16 GB RAM when combining 4k blocksize ZVOL with XFS

Omar Siam simar at gmx.net
Tue Nov 13 14:31:48 EST 2018


> Hmm, what are your libaio, zfs and kernel versions and which distro do
> you use ?
Right now I use the Ubuntu 18.04.1 with all updates. That makesĀ  a Linux 
4.15 with patches, a zfs 0.7.5 with patches for critical fixes (at least 
I hope so) and libaio 0.3.110. I saw the effect also using a 4.18 kernel 
with zfs 0.7.11 on Ubuntu 18.04.1. I didn't try the 0.7.11 dkms yet.
> Did you carefully review all involved configuration files on both
> machines, and are those hardwares identical ?
The configuration between iSCSI initiator and target are not identical. 
The iSCSI initiator is not identical in hardware to the target. The 
initiator runs an Ubuntu 4.15 kernel.
The hardware of the machine running ZFS is identical between the local 
running test, LIO/iSCSI target and SCST 3.3.x target and freenas. It is 
the same machine. I just change the software. It is a Core i3 6300 based 
machine with 16 GB of ECC RAM and a server mainboard with an C232 
chipset so ECC is really used. It has a 10 GB/s Intel network card for 
Best regards

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