[zfs-discuss] "du -ksh ." taking hours to complete

Luki Goldschmidt luki at mbi.ucla.edu
Tue Nov 13 19:18:27 EST 2018

On 11/13/18 4:06 PM, Welison B. Floriano via zfs-discuss wrote:
>   We have a Dell Power Edge R730 connected to a HGST JBOD 4U60 G1 via
> a HBA LSI 9400-8e. We are running Red Hat 7.6, zfs 0.7.11-1, 5x
> raidz2(12 x 10TB HDs each). 296TB used, 107TB free. Read and write
> seems to be fine, but when we use "du -ksh ." in directories with lost
> of files, it takes hours to get a result. Any help will be appreciated.

That sounds about right if you have tens of millions of files and have
spinning disks in raidz[123]. Suggestions:

1) Use separate datasets and monitor usage with zfs list
2) Use zfs userspace to get a per-user utilization for a dataset
3) Add a L2ARC SSD for metadata caching (secondarycache=metadata)


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