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Hello Richard,

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> On 11/14/18 5:31 AM, Durval Menezes via zfs-discuss wrote:
> > What is supposed to be the main advantage over L2ARC on SSD
> The main advantage is that it is NOT a cache. All metadata is stored on
> the special vdev (e.g. SSD) all the time, for certain. The L2ARC is a
> cache (which is cleared on reboot), so metadata has to be read off the
> spinning disks at least once.

Thanks for the explanation. Yes, I remember that the L2ARC cache is cleared
on boot, but this is hardly a problem here since I hardly ever reboot... my
main server has been up for over 6 months now.

BTW, wasn't there some work being done on making the L2ARC cache persistent
across reboots? I faintly remember reading about that a few months ago.


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