[zfs-discuss] "du -ksh ." taking hours to complete

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Wed Nov 14 19:01:06 EST 2018

   Thank you all for the quick responses!
   Yesterday I installed the latest ZFS, 0.7.12 (spl and zfs) and 
upgraded the pool (which did not have anything to upgrade).
   I am trying to follow most of the recommendations and the Metadata 
seems to be the way to go. I tried to add two SSDs to be used as 
metadata, but I got this error:

zpool add jensen7 metadata mirror wwn-0x5002538e4080adaa 
cannot open 'metadata': no such device in /dev
must be a full path or shorthand device name

  * How to add metadata to an existing pool?
  * I have both "primary cache=all" and "secondary cache=all". The
    machine has 128GB of memory, the SSDs are 1TB each. Should I change
    "secondary cache=metadata"?
  * What is "0.8.0-rc2"? The latest beta version?



On 14-Nov-2018 09:43, Kash Pande via zfs-discuss wrote:
> On 2018-11-14 6:31 a.m., Durval Menezes wrote:
>> What is supposed to be the main advantage over L2ARC on SSD plus
>> "secondary cache=metadata"? Just to keep the secondary cache still
>> available for normal (non-meta) data?
> L2ARC is not primed at boot.
> Metadata writes still go to main vdev and trickle into L2ARC from ARC.
> Metadata vdev (#5182) allows us to permanently offload operations.
> Kash
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